A look back at 2018

Hey, there!

2018 was intense, don’t you think? If you live in Brazil, you know what I mean.
Besides politics, I feel that I’ve never worked so hard as I did in 2018. There were so many things going on that it kept me from dedicating more time to my blog. Considering this, I think this year deserves a retrospective. Although it’s a bit late, I feel that it’s still valuable! 😉

I see retrospectives as a good way to reflect upon everything that had happened in the past year. You may think it only makes sense for the person who is writing it, but I particularly enjoy reading people’s retrospectives to see what they have learned, what they have accomplished, and their expectations for the next 365 days. I think it’s a good way to get inspired and stay motivated to make your own plans for the year that is ahead.

To me, 2018 was a year of “first-times”. The first time I got a “no” for a job position that I was really enthusiastic about. The first time I won a competition (and a very special one!). The first time I went abroad. The first time I presented a talk. The first time I attended a BrELT event. The first time I worked as a minder in a BrazTesol event. The first time I felt I belonged. The first time I got an article published in English. The first time I traveled all by myself (and also the first time that I faced countless problems with an airline!). The first time I went up on stage and sang with a band. The first time I was invited to contribute on a coursebook. The first time I dubbed a character for a pedagogical material (and it was fun!!). The first time I went on a studio to shoot a video. The first time I created a blog related to ELT. Whoa!

2018 showed me that I am brave. 2018 showed me that all the effort and dedication we put on something will eventually pay off. It was a terrifying but very special year indeed. Here are some highlights from events and special moments in 2018:

And here are the articles that I wrote that were published in 2018:

I also contributed to a video organized by CUP: Porque eu escolho ser professor

I feel grateful for all the opportunities that came up in 2018, which led me to new experiences and to meet wonderful people. I know I did my best… and that’s why it really made me happy!

In 2019, I expect to continue working hard and to finish my dissertation (I hope I can include this one in the next retrospective!). And of course, to be able to post here more often 🙂

In 2019… Be kind. Stay positive. Do your best.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Any suggestions on how to stick to them?



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